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Rich, uniform pink colour. At first taste: a sensation of firm flesh but with a pleasant velvety texture, with a perfect harmony between sweet and savoury, all rounded off with a delicate and elegant smoky flavour. A clean aftertaste on the palate thanks to the total lack of oiliness, inviting another mouthful!



The shelf life of UPSTREAM smoked salmon ensures that you can eat it at your moment of choosing, at which time one will fully enjoy the perfect texture, aroma and flavour of every slice. In order to guarantee that our product arrives to you in perfect condition we always handle it at a controlled chilled temperature in order to maintain its freshness.

You may keep it unopened in the fridge up to the use by date, in perfect condition at 1-4 degrees C. Once opened you should consume within three days.

UPSTREAM suggests serving the centre part of the fillet cut in vertical, finger think slices in order to enjoy at best both the texture and flavour of UPSTREAM salmon. On the contrary we would recommend slicing the head and tail ends as thin as possible in the classical D slice manner. Onto these slices one could add a ginger brunoise with a drop of fine Irish whiskey!