Upstream Salmon is a wonderful addition to any meal. The elegant packaging paired with the unparalleled flavor make Upstream the perfect gift for any occasion.

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Upstream Royal

Top-of-the-line, an entire side of Upstream salmon, best served according to our tasting tips (fore section, center, tail) to best enjoy its elegant and sweet flavor. The Upstream whole-side loin is vacuumed-sealed and comes in an elegant black and silver package.

  • Prime Cut Fillet - Upstreams Salmons

    Prime Cut Fillet

    The Upstream’s most valuable cut, having a delicate and sublime taste. Vacuum-sealed transparent package without skin and placed in an elegant black serigraphy package

  • Pre-slice Filet - Upstreams Salmons

    Pre-slice Filet

    The traditional pre-sliced cut, selected from the central part of the filet, is ideal for who loves to taste smoked salmon in slices, where the typical Upstream sweet taste fuses with delicate marine notes.

  • Fillet - Upstreams Salmons


    The fillet is obtained at the salmon’s central part and in an only mouthful you will taste together sea and sweetness. This cut represents an “invitation to try” our quality. A vacuum-sealed package without skin in an elegant black serigraphy package.

  • Belly - Upstreams Salmons


    An unusual cut for salmon, Upstream decided to valorize it because it has an intense sea taste and a solid consistency. Vacuum-sealed without skin, in an elegant black serigraphy package

  • The Classic - Upstreams Salmons

    The Classic

    The selected cut of the rear section is characterized by a more pronounced aroma, a more accentuated smoking and a more compact texture.

  • Tartare - Upstreams Salmons


    Selected pieces of the whole-side loin, ideal for tartare.

  • Millefoglie - Upstreams Salmons


    The standard thin slices are vacuumed-sealed in a black serigraphy box.

  • Salmon roe 100 g - Upstreams Salmons

    Salmon roe 100 g

    Pasteurized salmon eggs having a definitely marine taste. Ideal for appetizers and excellent for garnishing salmon and fish dishes.

  • Accessories

  • Vassoi in frassino tostato - Upstreams Salmons

    Slicing Boards in Roasted Ash

    Elegant boards made from thermo-cured ash wood, which when roasted transform into a natural and rich dark brown colour. The roasted boards release a delicate aroma redolent of the whole salmon smoking process.

    Slicing board (dimensions 175x570x16mm): ideal for slicing Upstream salmon at the table.

  • Piatto in frassino tostato - Upstreams Salmons

    Serving Plates in Roasted Ash

    Serving plates (dimensions 140x280x16): an elegant piece of tableware on which to serve your Upstream salmon at the table. This item can be custom-made to order with client logo.