Upstream salmon,
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Why choose  Upstream salmon?  

For two simple reasons: the first is due to the physicality of the salmon. During its reproduction cycle, this extraordinary fish travels from the sea up rivers, battling impetuous currents. 

The second is because its flavor is unlike any other salmon present on the market today. Thanks to its lightly smoked, sweet taste, Upstream salmon is so delicate that can be eaten year-round.

from the
purest water

Faroe Islands salmon, off the coast of Scotland

Upstream salmon comes from the pristine waters surrounding the Faroe Islands, situated between Iceland and Scotland, where strong Artic currents replenish the waters, keeping them clean and creating the ideal environment for reproduction. 

Numerous studies have shown that cold, constant temperatures are fundamental for the health and quality of salmon. Although aquaculture has been practiced in the Faroe Islands since 1967, the natural resources have remained intact. Thankfully, the waters haven't been wildly exploited for commercial purposes. 

Isole Faroe Upstream Salmons Isole Faroe Upstream Salmons Isole Faroe Upstream Salmons

In 2003, the most complete and rigid legislation regarding aquaculture and environmental protection in the world passed by the Faroe Islands. In fact, the salmon that comes from these waters is completely antibiotic free and naturally rich in Omega-3 fatty acids. The combination of these environmental and legislative factors ensures that the annual production of this salmon remains low compared to other varieties.